Dj Archer at 2018 PBA Grand Casino Hotel & Resort Southwest Invitational

2018 PBA Grand Casino Hotel Invitational Finals

2018 PBA Grand Casino Hotel Invitational Finals featuring Andy Patterson, Chris Hibbitts and Mark Scroggins. The best bowlers in the PBA Southwest Region faced off in the fifth annual PBA Grand Casino Hotel and Resort Southwest Invitational this weekend. The 32-player field battled for the title.

Low-scoring Earl Anthony pattern is back

The players will take on what has been a relatively low-scoring pattern in the PBA Earl Anthony. Coming in at 42 feet with a pattern ratio of 2.15 to 1, we have not seen big scores on this pattern in recent events.

The Earl Anthony was used recently at the PBA Xtra Frame Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic where only 40 players out of 150 averaged 210 or better. That event was won by two-hander Anthony Simonsen, who switched to a back-up ball to secure the title.

An invitation-only event

The Southwest Invitational features a limited field of 32 players who either had to bowl their way into the event or get invited.

According to the PBA, the top 28 players from a special points list dating back about 12 months have been invited, assuming they bowled a minimum of three PBA Southwest Regional events.

Two more players who bowled half of the PBA Southwest Regional events but fell below the top 28 were also invited. Finally, two participants were chosen by the sponsor, Grand Casino Hotel and Resort.

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