Sean Rash at 2018 PBA Parkside Lanes Open

2018 PBA Parkside Lanes Open Stepladder Finals

2018 PBA Parkside Lanes Open Champioship hosted at Parkside Lanes with Sean Rash involving in organizing everything. The Stepladder Finals featured Marshall Kent, Bill O’neil, Dom Barrett, Chris Via and E.J. Tackett.

Sean truly involved in organizing the event, getting sponsors, determining the format, scheduling a free youth clinic and even serving pizza, plus countless other things. For a player like Rash, who has 12 career titles, it’s a drastic difference from just showing up and bowling.

It’s not uncommon for PBA members to be involved in running events, but it is unusual for a player of Rash’s caliber to be involved at such a high level. Other PBA members help with regional or PBA50 stops, but Rash is the most involved high-level player at an event that awards a national title.

Rash knows if he inspires even one youth bowler to become a professional bowler as a result of this youth clinic he would have not only done “everything” to run the event but also made a difference that could mean everything to the sport he loves.

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