Pete weber at 2018 PBA50 Storm Invitational

2018 PBA50 Storm Invitational Stepladder Finals

2018 PBA50 Storm Invitational Finals featuring Walter Ray Williams Jr, Norm Duke, Michael Haugen Jr, Ryan Shafer and Lennie Boresch Jr hosted at Planet Fun Bowling & Entertainment Center in Shallotte, N.C.

This special event showcased the best bowlers this season on the PBA50 Tour. Although a PBA50 Tour title was not awarded at the event, it did feature a first-place prize of $10,000.

The PBA50 Tour’s 2018 season wrapped up in grand fashion with big money on the line and a stacked roster at the PBA50 Storm Invitational. The field at the PBA50 Storm Invitational is a bowling fan’s dream. The roster of 14 players is chock full of household names set to do battle.

Among the players in the field are eight PBA Hall of Famers – Parker Bohn III, Norm Duke, Ron Mohr, Amleto Monacelli, Johnny Petraglia, Brian Voss, Pete Weber and Walter Ray Williams Jr. Joining them in the event are Lennie Boresch Jr., Michael Haugen Jr., Brian Kretzer, Bob Learn Jr., Ryan Shafer and Harry Sullins.

When you tally up the number of titles for all 14 players it comes out to a staggering 237 PBA Tour titles and 73 PBA50 titles.

How about the oil pattern?

The PBA Dick Weber pattern, which is 45 feet in length with a pattern ratio of 2.94 to 1, will be used this weekend and it should make for some entertaining bowling.

If you’re a fan of big scores and lots of strikes, you’ll want to tune in. The Dick Weber pattern has been used at a couple of events already this year.

unexpected withdrawal of pete weber

During Sunday’s final round of match play may have noticed that Pete Weber stopped competing after Game 11 of the tournament. Turns out, Weber was forced to withdraw.

Weber said he pulled his “butt muscle” and his status for the upcoming FloBowling PBA Fall Swing is in jeopardy.

After the first round of match play on Saturday, Weber was in 11th place and 180 pins out of fifth. He started Sunday’s final seven games of match play with 218, 224 and 216 before shooting 172 and withdrawing with three games to go.

When asked whether or not he will be good to go for the Fall Swing, which begins Oct. 15, Weber said he didn’t know yet and would have to wait and see.

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