Do you really need bowling techniques?

I have been playing bowling for over ten years at the amateur level and have invested quite a long time chasing the master of bowling techniques. But one day, I asked myself why I needed that much training to master these skills? Is bowling, initially a recreational activity, that much difficult?

To answer that question, I tried looking at random people who play recreational bowling with friends at the centers; to find out how people bowl by instinct for the first time. There are a few interesting facts withdrawn from the observation:

1. Most people can’t even make the ball hit any pins for the first time. They throw them all in the gutter.

2. Most people are confused about the proper way to roll a spherical thing down the lane to hit the pins.

The most popular reason I found out is that the bowling ball is bigger and heavier than most balls in other sports, even basketball. With a smaller and lighter ball, you can throw it in any way.

This problem can only be optimally solved with the proper skill to roll the ball. However, not many people can recognize this hint from the first time they meet bowling or even multiple times later on if they try coming back to the bowling centers. This mainly prevents many people from experiencing bowling as a sport.

So, I personally can conclude that rolling a heavy ball to hit the pins is not easy and requires proper techniques. And I also found an easier way to help random people enjoy this game from the first time they play. Let me show you.

Choose the right ball

Most people are confused with multiple numbers on the balls for the first time they play bowling. Alright, you don’t need to understand the meaning of the numbers on the balls but follow this rule:

The larger the number, the heavier the ball is. So, don’t choose balls that are too heavy but pick the lightest balls which fit your 2 finger at least up to the first knuckle.

That’s it. Don’t care about the third hole because you might rarely choose a ball with a third hole that fits your thumb. This is such an ugly truth!

Hold the ball

When you have already got your right ball, put your two fingers in the hole and cup it.

As I said, you don’t need to put the thumb in because it rarely fits the hole.

You will see that the ball is now entirely in your palm and wrist like this.

You can feel that the ball is firmly grabbed, and you are ready to reject the ball out onto the lane!

Don’t worry if the ball is too heavy if you follow the rule of thumb in the first tip: “…pick the lightest ball which fits your two finger holes at least up to the first knuckle.”

Reject the ball out onto the lane

Now, you are ready to run to the foul line and reject the ball onto the lane. Like this…

What’s more?

You can see that bowling is not that difficult with some small tricks, right? However, there are multiple things that make people addicted to this game as a sport.

a. People are fascinated with spinning balls that curve or hook like this.

b. The feeling of striking or hitting all the pins down at once injects lots of dopamine in your brain. This makes you addicted to it.

c. People want a higher score.

I think that’s the inception of the bowling industry and the sports of bowling. Do you think the same? Let’s share your thought in the comment below.

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