How to bowl 2 handed style (Part 1): The basic concept

There are two types of bowling styles on earth at the time of speaking, 1-handed and 2-handed. The names have explained themselves. Most of the players in the world of bowling start with 1 hand because it can be seen as the conventional style. But, till recently, the 2 handed players have emerged as a powerhouse with dominant revolutions and carry.

I have been a 1 handed bowler for over 9 years, and I have tried switching to 2 handed style for around 1 year. My journey to explore a new bowling style is quite interesting and I would love to share with you the best bowling tips to understand and enjoy this new technique, especially when you were once a one handed player.

Is it challenging to play bowling with 2 hands?

The answer is…it’s not difficult if you are open to adapting yourself. I say so because many people considered 2 handed styles not legit in the sports of bowling. In fact, it’s entirely legit.

Many people are not recept to it because they favor the basic and conventional style and are not willing to open their minds to new things.

It would be a little bit awkward if you were once a 1 handed player. And if you are new to bowling, I would personally say bowling with 2 hands is somehow easier to start with. Why? Keep reading, and you will know the answer.

Why should you try 2 handed bowling?

Simply put, 2 handed bowling style mostly gives you…

more ball revolutions;

more carry power to the pins and more strikes, maybe

more curve or hook on nearly most parts of the lane; or versatility

more FUN!

The basic concept of 2 handed bowling

You can might have a question like, why do we need up to 2 hands to roll the bowling ball?

The answer is that the second hand gives you better support when dealing with the weight of the ball and hence helps put your hand under the ball at a leverage position before rolling the ball for most revolutions, with less muscle strain.

With 1 handed style, the thumb, wrist, and forearm muscles mainly help you keep your hand under the ball before rolling it for high revolutions. Plus, your thumb needs to exit the hole at the right time for optimal rolling and high revolutions.

Let’s have a closer look at the slow-motion of 1 handed release

You need to position your hand behind and under that ball while managing to exit the thumb before rolling the ball. 

In order to release the thumb at the right time, you need to have a good thumb hole fitting and not squeeze the ball at the release.

It takes time and lots of patience. 

It’s better said than done, indeed.

This whole process must be achieved during the swing with 1 hand to have optimal ball roll and hopefully high revolutions.  

So I must confess that 1 handed players who master this release at a high level are all artists in bowling.   

However, not many people can do that efficiently with 1 hand due to the limit of physical condition and the patience to chase for ball fitting.

With 2-handed bowling, you have the second hand to help position your hand under the ball at the release.

And you don’t have to exit the thumb hole because you use no thumb at all. 

The whole process is simplified.

This is a very clear comparison between 1 and 2 handed bowling releases. 

But I don’t mean that 2-handed bowling is easier than 1-handed, indeed.  

I should also insist that bowling is not only about revolution but more strikes (maybe more pins down). People have multiple ways to achieve this goal using their own tricks and special techniques, even using different bowling balls. However, increasing ball revolutions and hook potential are still on the top list of desired techniques simply because it looks fabulous!

Now you understand the basic concept of 2 handed bowling. Let’s move on to simple steps to start.

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  1. What caught my attention is when you said that those who have emerged as a powerhouse in the bowling world are two-handed players. My husband and I are planning to find a bowling club that we can visit next Saturday to play with our two children. We will take note of your tips so we can play in the best possible way.

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