Storm CodeX Bowling Ball Review

The Code X is a sanded, reactive solid addition to Storm’s Premier line that uses the asymmetrical RAD4 weight block. The R2S Solid cover makes its return to the Premier line with this release, and it is finished from the factory at 3000 Abralon. This surface helps give the Storm Code X more length than both the Sure Lock and Storm Drive.

The changes in coverstock and surface finish from the Code Red and Code Black give the Code X more hook, making it a good option for heavier volume conditions.

Cranker & Tweener

Cranker and Tweener had the best reactions on fresh heavy oil test pattern. Tweener can start his ball around 22, targeting 13 at the arrows and using a breakpoint on the eight board downlane. Cranker can start his ball on 28, with a target around the third arrow and a breakpoint out on seven. Both have more room for error right of target than left on this pattern. When they missed left, they could still get to the pocket, but their balls often didn’t create enough traction to drive through the pocket and consistently carry, resulting in some flat 10 pin leaves.


Stroker was the straightest on this pattern, playing a line from 17 at the foul line to 12 at the arrows and eight at the breakpoint. Lower rev rate doens’t give strokers as much area as Tweener and Cranker, but they could still get to the pocket pretty easily.

Storm Code X Bowler Rating bowling ball

Transition & Lane break down

As the middle of the lane started to break down, all three styles can see their ball reactions get even better. The 3000 Abralon box finish is used for the entire test session on this pattern. All were all able to make small moves left with their feet and targets to catch more oil in the front when their balls wanted to hook a little high as the pattern transitioned.

Crankers can to play a deep inside angle with the Storm Code X on fresh medium pattern. They started with their feet in front of the ball return, with a small loft over the left gutter to keep his ball in the oil long enough to get to the pocket. While this wouldn’t be their first option to start with on this pattern, it was very playable.

Tweener and Stroker had to get a lot deeper than they normally prefer on this pattern, which caused them to see a little more over/under reaction than Cranker saw.

Coverstock adjustments

All of them add polish to their covers to let them move right and get to the pocket more easily. With the polished covers, all three testers still had the Code X stronger in the oil and smoother off the dry than either of the previous Code-series bowling balls.

The sanded box finish was best for fresh sport pattern. It helped the Code X read the middle of the lane strongly, allowing it to be rolling when it got to the breakpoint. This motion in the midlane kept the Code X from being as angular as the Code Black or Code Red on the fresh.

Storm Code X Bowling ball performance rating


The Code X offers strong traction through the oil, while maintaining plenty of motion for the breakpoint and back end. This ball excelled when we wanted to open up the lane on our heavy oil test pattern.


Like most balls designed for lots of hook, the Code X needs oil to be at its best. There are plenty of better options for drier conditions in the Storm line.

Overall Summary

The Code X is the biggest hooking ball to use the asymmetrical RAD4 core in the Storm lineup. Bowlers who want more angularity, back end, and total hook than the Drive will find all of this in the Code X.

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